A Note on Francisco Escudero / SkyBanditz Intl

With an extensive background on surfing, skiing and snowboarding Francisco Escudero began in the industry learning how to kitesurf locally and teaching to a small group of friends.

In a short period of time he was involved as a sales representative, companies like Wipika which was the first kite company to that invented the first inflatable kite design, Airush/Starboards, Slingshot, Murrays Marine, Hot Butter and most recently Cabrhina and Neilpride, traveling as representative around the state of Florida and the Caribbean as a pioneer of the sport.

His main concern on that time was the growth of the sport around the world, the little amount of instructors and retail operations providing the right knowledge on kiteboarding and the big amount of people that wanted to learn but didn't know where to turn for the right direction.

In the spring of 2001 after all the research and study, traveling, and involvement in the kite surfing community issues he decided to open SkyBanditz Kiteboarding Center located at Crandon Park, Key Biscayne Florida. Since then he has dedicated his live to instructing and promoting safe locations for learning and practicing the sport.

Francisco has  been featured in television programs like Univison's "Ver para Creer" and "Fusion" and on PrideVision, Canada. With the constant improvements on equipment and so many different companies to choose from SkyBanditz instructors keep on the edge of the industry providing his knowledge on the newest of the sport and techniques.

Currently he is the Florida Kitesurfing Association North Miami Beach area coordinator and created a network between Miami and San Juan, Puerto Rico (the Maui of the Caribbean) where he provides  kiteboarding vacation packages as well as other activities.

Francisco believe in safe and simple instruction and on the equal right for riders in all spots no matter of their abilities, he also believe in following the rules at all times and that respect within the communities and communication are the key for creating and maintaining open launch sites for everyone all around the world.