LOCATION:  Isla Verde-Ocean Park . Puerto Rico

ALSO AVAILABLE IN: Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, The Keys, Orlando, Cocoa Beach, Tampa, Naples and now in Puerto Rico.


Our kitesurfing lesson programs will allow you to learn the way you want to, by respecting your progression rhythm and allowing you to find a lesson best adapted to you. You can choose different time formats, from one hour up to several days. There is neither age limit nor prerequisite apart from being able to swim and enjoy spending time in the water.

Beginner’s complete course (Land & Water) *225$ 3 hours: Enter into the world of kite boarding with a head start? These courses will answer all those questions that you have and take you from Land to Water. Land Class covers rigging, tuning, line management, kite rider responsibility and flying techniques. Water Class covers water launching techniques, body dragging, self rescue and kite boarding downwind.


Intermediate complete course (Upwind Machine) *225$ 3 hours: The next hurdle is staying u upwind. Here at Skybanditz kite boarding one of our goals is to take you through a smooth progression. This course covers all the tricks you need to know on correct body positioning, edging you board and correct kite flying techniques to go upwind like a machine as well as reviews all the tuning features and safety systems of your equipment to get the most out if it. Self launching and Landing are taught as well too!


Advanced complete course (Higher Education) *225$ 3 hours: You need a review? More water time or have some skills to work on that you are still not comfortable yet? This is the class for you. We will review skills that you have missed before plus give you the tools that you need to get you in and out of the beach without any hassles. Topics reviewed, how to Survey a sight, self launching and landing techniques and more!


Level X (Extreme Education) 150$ 2 hours: Several custom tailored courses to work on boosting, style, basic tricks, advanced tricks , transitions or we will design one just for you!

Overpowered: Find yourself getting tea bagged by your own kite or not being able to control the power? This class covers all the skills that you need to control and step on that kite. Topics bar set up, correct edging, kite positioning in powered conditions, how to balance yourself to manipulate the power of the kite and more!

Bar Tuning: Chicken loop, fixed, Pulley bar? A little lost finding your own style or preference of bar set ups. This class will break down each system and how to tailor it to you , then show you the tricks you need to know to make the right selection depending on the day ,wind ,location and surf or not. The other important topic is about the latest safety systems and how to have one that best suits you.

Working on Air time: Time to boost big! This course covers the tricks that you need to get big air and land smooth. This will help you at any stage of your quest for airtime from small to titanic jumps!

Smooth Transitions: This class works on how to do transitions?  Transition- a smooth change of direction while doing a jump. Extra topics dif. Board stances, riding with constant power all around, carving turns, board retrieval techniques. This class will put you at the level of comfort and smoothness in your riding that you have always dreamed of!

Trixter 1: Can’t seem to get those basic tricks down? This one works on all those new horizons, front spins, back rolls dead mans and all the classic jumps!

Trixter 2: Already dominate all the classic moves? Great! This is the class for you. Let’s take it to the next step power moves like kite loops, S-bends, wake style tricks and more. This class is hardcore!



Private Lessons : $100/hr/p.p.

Packages: Prepay any of our three hour packages and save 30 dollars! 3 hours (225$)

Group Lessons (2+)

*It is best to phone a few days in advance to schedule a lesson, especially on busy weekends.
  Beginner lessons are usually scheduled in the mornings at 10:00 am

*Lesson prices include use of our equipment